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History - Centenary Book

Convent of Mercy NS Centenary Book (1909-2009)

This book celebrates the Centenary of the Convent of Mercy N.S., and is a fitting tribute to the part the school has played in the community of Belturbet.  The school today is, in many ways, very different from the school opened in 1909.  It follows a different curriculum, it uses technology that hadn’t even been imagined then, and has pupils from many other cultures and backgrounds, but it is still at the heart of the Belturbet community.  This book is a testament to that.  The many articles, photographs and poems recalling school memories are proof of the place the school holds in the hearts of the people of Belturbet, and are a valuable record of the past one hundred years.

Centenary Book
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Convent of Mercy National School

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