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Mission Statement

‘Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí’

The Convent of Mercy N.S., Belturbet is a Catholic, Vertical Primary School, guided in all its work by the Catholic Ethos. It provides for the education of the children of the parish of Annagh and surrounding parishes. Whilst having due recognition for all other religions, we share with our community the responsibility of helping and nurturing each child with his/her emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and social development.

The values of honesty, truthfulness, trust, tolerance and compassion are modeled, promoted and celebrated.

We see all children as equal regardless of sex, religion, race or background and therefore we will treat them equally.

As a community of learners, we recognise the diversity of learning styles, talents and needs amongst our pupils. We encourage their efforts and celebrate their success believing that this is the key to developing positive attitudes positive attitudes, self-esteem and confidence in our students.

We endeavor to instill in our pupils a pride in our Irish culture and a respect and appreciation of it thus fostering self and mutual respect- values which underpin the happy and secure atmosphere in our school.

High standards and high expectation are promoted in our endeavors but, above all we seek to instil in our children a joy of learning, which they will carry with them throughout their lives and will enable them as responsible citizens to play a full and positive role in society.

Our school will strive to promote, both individually and collectively, the professional and personal development of teacher. We defend the right of teachers to due respect for their professional status. Their personal safety or physical and emotional wellbeing should not be allowed to suffer at the hands of any disruptive children or parents who have a negative influence on our aim to provide a haven of learning and social growth.

Finally, we recognise the huge input that parents have as partners in the education process and we encourage the involvement of parents through home/school contacts and through their involvement in the Parents Association.

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Convent of Mercy National School

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